Tuesday, 26 July 2011

London Beauty Salon Treatment Giveaway on Time Out

Kamini Vaghela is consistently hailed by the beauty press as the best eyebrow threader in London; she’ll also tackle the upper lip, chin and stomach with her silk thread. In addition, Vaghela offers holistic facials, mani/pedis, waxing and more- and her team understand if you want the lot performed at the same time. A new guest resident has joined Vaghela at her Kensington salon: Dr.Wong is a traditional Chinese medicine doctor who will ease any number of complaints from insomnia to poor digestion.

To celebrate Dr. Wong’s arrival, Kamini is offering one Time Out blog reader (male or female) £25 worth of free Sothys skin products and £50 to spend on any treatment of choice at the salon, be it aLinkcupuncture with Wong, massage, facial or threading with Vaghela herself. To enter, complete the sentence: ‘I need a pre/post-holiday pamper because…..’ Leave your comment below by 6pm tomorrow (July 26) and the best – as deemed by Team Vaghela – will be contacted by email and invited to book a treatment of choice at a time to suit (before Dec 31 2011).

Kamini, 14-16 Lancer Square, W8 4EP (020 7937 2411).

Visit the link below and leave a comment for your chance to win:

Extracted from the Time Out website.

Friday, 15 July 2011

Trinny and Susannah feature Kamini Beauty on their Blog

Extracted from their blog:

Now the more embarrassing hair growth is actually on my chin...

Susannah's friend Scott, who actually has a beard, thought I was growing one. In the harsh sunlight, when my face is back lit, he might have a point. After years of ignoring it I decided to let Kamini's threading technique (and she says there is no-one out there like her) attack my face.

I was very nervous it would just somehow increase the growth but no, that hasn't happened, and like the eyebrows, I actually need to do it less and less, so I go back once every couple of months.

For those of you reading this based outside London or in a foreign country I am sorry to recommend something that is not easily available. All i can suggest is that if you do find a threader (and I do believe it's the best way forward) make sure she really knows what she is doing and understands that hair does not all grow in one direction and she must adjust her technique accordingly.